Taylormade Performance Centre

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TaylorMade is proud to be partnered with the University Golf Club and is home to the only TaylorMade Performance Centre in the lower mainland (one of three in Western Canada). The Centre delivers premium convenience to consumers wanting to get fit by a TaylorMade Master fitter for every club in the bag. The Centre provides the player with data such as spin rates, launch angles, swing speed and ball speed to recommend the ideal set-up for a player’s bag, including suggested ball typed. The fitting process ends by delivering customized specifications and a point of contact for future fitting related inquires.

The TaylorMade Performance Centre Hours

  • Tuesday 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Thursday 11:00pm – 6:00pm

Conducted by TaylorMade Master Fitter – Ryan Austin, in a private, weather-sheltered environment, the TaylorMade Performance Centre delivers a Tour level fit. Featuring the largest selection TaylorMade stock, custom heads and shafts in Western Canada and the proprietary TaylorMade Launch Monitor Technology, our clients are treated to a memorable experience.

All fittings include:

  • 1:1 session with a TaylorMade Master Fitter in a private environment
  • Session conducted on Trackman Launch Monitor
  • Access to the largest matrix of TaylorMade demo head and shaft options
  • Special Player’s gift
  • Available for special events, groups and corporate events

Full Bag Fitting: 2 hrs – $150 + tax

  • This session covers Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter and Golf Ball. TaylorMade understands the importance of a properly matched, and optimized set for each player, making this a can’t-miss experience.
  • Using a Trackman 4 launch monitor, we can take a deeper dive into set make-up, which allows the player to have clubs all “work” with one another blending the feel of all golf clubs to be one in the same.
  • Careful thought is used to match Driver to Fairway, Fairway to Rescue (if used), on to Irons, Wedges and Golf Ball recommendation, with the Putter being the last piece of the puzzle to be fit.

Metalwood Fitting: 1hr – $75 = tax

  • The Metalwood Fitting is what TaylorMade is known for. Using a Trackman 4 Launch Monitor to capture all ball flight data and relevant swing dynamics, every aspect of Metalwood performance is analyzed to the finest degree. With hundreds of custom and stock shafts and heads to choose from, each player will leave this fitting session with the most optimized metalwood set possible.

Iron Fitting: 1 hr – $75 + tax

  • This comprehensive fitting ensures the best performance out of their irons. With over 500 different iron shafts in varying flexes, lengths, and materials, along with every head available from TaylorMade, nothing is left to chance. In this session the fitter will use a Trackman 4 launch monitor to learn how the correct set up of all variables will see them hitting more shots closer to the hole more often

Short Game Fitting: 1 hr – $75 + tax

  • Most all players understand how vital a solid short game is to low scoring, and while we can do a great job fitting wedge yardage gaps on a launch monitor, there is much more to it than full wedge swings. Wedge play is as much art as it is science, which is why we don’t stop at just distance gapping. In this session, our fitter will take the player through testing on a Trackman 4 launch monitor, followed by testing for all other important aspects of the short game, ensuring the proper wedge fit.

Putter Fitting: 1 hr – $75 + tax

  • Often referred to as our “sleeper” package, this comprehensive Putter Fitting is used to determine the best style and spec of putter for a player. In this fitting session, the player will be tested for what head type and spec allows for the best line and distance. Launch and Roll Conditions are measured with Trackman technology.

Our fittings give the consumer access to the complete custom line TaylorMade has to offer, access to TrackMan Launch Monitor ball flight data and a closed appointment with a fully trained Master Club Fitter.