2021 League Value Bundles

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a 2021 League Value Bundle. These are available EXCLUSIVELY to members of University Golf Club’s affiliated leagues. To purchase you must indicate which league you are a current ACTIVE member of. If you are not an active league member, please purchase a Public Value Bundle by clicking HERE.

Please fill out the form below. (* required field)

  • Please Select the League that you are currently an active member of.
  • Please provide your contact details as shown on your www.chronogolf.ca profile

  • Please Read and Confirm that you have understood the following.

    • Passes Valid for play at anytime MONDAY-FRIDAY, if you are playing on a SATURDAY/SUNDAY or HOLIDAY a charge of $12+GST will be charged to your card on file (This is the difference between a weekday and weekend League Rate).
    • Passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE and can only be used by the person attached to the profile that they are loaded on.
      • At the time of purchase, a spouse may be linked to a bundle and the vouchers shared, as long as the spouse is also a member of an affiliated league.
    • Passes are valid and will be used anytime the green fee being charged is equal to or greater than the value of the pass being used.
    • League members will be given the opportunity to apply any unused pass value towards the purchase of Winter Vouchers in November when we transition back to “Winter Rates”.
    • ALL Value bundle vouchers along with any converted Winter Voucher's will EXPIRE on March 31, 2022.
    - Must be an ACTIVE member of a League & Reside at same Home Address
  • Please Input Name and League Affiliation.